Zoom Orientation for Parents - PowerPoint Presentation

          PreK.pdf                                   Kindergarten 1st Grade Orientation 2020.pdf 



 Grade 2 3.pdf   Grade 4.pdf 


                                                                                     Grade 5.pdf

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PS35Q's Covid-19 Plan

                    Please click the resources below to find all the critical information about how PS 35 is changing the way we operate to reduce the risk of COVID-19 and educate our students.

- Start of School: Important Dates

- Health Safety Policy and Guidance.pdf  

- Reopening Plan for Parents July 2020.pdf

- Kindergarten Orientation Presentation 2020.pdf 

- My School Log-in

- Learning Preference Survey

- Registration/Enrollment Forms

- Student Accounts (TeachHub and Google Classroom) 

Daily Schedule

Period 1
8:30 - 9:17 am
Period 2
9:17 - 10:04 am
Period 3
10:04 - 10:51 am (Lunch: Gr. Kindergarten & 1)
Period 4
10:51 - 11:38 am (Lunch: Gr. 2 & 3)
Period 5
11:38 am - 12:25 pm (Lunch: Gr. 4 & 5)
Period 6
12:25 - 1:12 pm
Period 7
1:12 - 2:00 pm

Upcoming Events

  • Dr. Seuss's Birthday (Read Across America Day).

    PS35Q Nathaniel Woodhull School
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Arrival and Dismissal Plan

Grade Assigned Entrance and Exit Doors and Times


Social Emotional Learning and Supports


Sanford Harmony is the fastest growing Pre-K-6 grade social emotional learning (SEL) program in the nation, impacting more than 8 million children through more than 18,000 schools and sites nationwide. Sanford Harmony promotes positive peer relations among students through lessons and activities that encourage communication, collaboration, and mutual respect, helping boys and girls learn how to build healthy relationships beginning at childhood.

 Unit 1: Diversity & Inclusion

Unit 2: Empathy & Critical Thinking

Unit 3: Communication

Unit 4: Problem Solving

Unit 5: Peer Relationship


3 B’s of P.S.35

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Safe

At P.S. 35, we have adopted “The 3 B’s,” to outline the positive behaviors that will support a positive and safe learning environment. Students will learn more about PBIS through classroom lessons, modeling, and practice.  In addition, “3 B’s,” posters are placed around the building to remind students of the expectations in the classroom, hallway, bathroom, and cafeteria.

Together, we can make a difference!