PS35 School Goals: By June 2019…

  • Goal 1. All teachers will continue to refine and revise our school's Curriculum Map(in Pre-K to 5th Grade) aligned to the Common Core Learning Standards (CCLS) in support of all students including our SWDs and ELL students resulting in an increase of 5% growth in student performance as measured by the NYS ELA and Math exams. 
  • Goal 2.As a school community our teachers, school administrators and School Assessment Team will improve school tone and student behavior. We will continue to implement social-emotional programs, notably PBIS, TCIS De-escalation and Restorative Circles.  Additionally, we will implement Respect for All curriculum and use Class Dojo to monitor and motivate students experiencing behavioral challenges. In doing so, we will provide greater structure, strategies and support for these students resulting in a decrease by 10% in incidents as recorded in OORS.
  • Goal 3.All teachers will engage in Affinity Groups and participate in ongoing Teacher Teamsbased on the needs of the school and interests of the teachers to improve pedagogy, practice and student progress. This effort will be reflected in an increase in Questioning and Discussion (3B), Engagement (3C) and Assessment (3D) in the Danielson Framework.
  • Goal 4.Through a program of improved communication and outreach to parents, School Survey data will indicate that five percent more parents have regularly received information about their child’s progresson an ongoing basis. This will include: weekly Family Engagement Meetings, Parent Workshops, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Class Dojo and Remind- Instant Classroom or individual text messenger system.
  • Goal 5.Students in grades 3-5 will make a 5% increase overall percentage on the New York State ELA and Math Exams.