• P.S. 35 is a Uniform School!

    Girls are expected to wear a blue jumper, skirt, or pants and dark shoes. White, yellow, or light blue blouse. Blue cardigan during the colder months.

    Boys are expected to wear blue pants and dark shoes. White, yellow, or light blue shirt with blue tie. Blue cardigan or blazer during the colder months.

    Parents of Pre-k and kindergarten parents should provide their child's teacher with an extra set of clothes in case of an accident.

    Please click the attached letter for more details. 

    PS35Q Nathaniel Woodhull School

Reading Street

This literacy program is an all-new comprehensive Reading and Language Arts series for the 21st Century. Reading Street delivers classic, and soon-to-be classic, literature, scientifically research-based instruction, and a wealth of groundbreaking online experiences for high student engagement.

Singapore Math - Math in Focus

Its framework was one of the 15 national curriculums examined by the Common Core committee. It offers our
students the same authentic Singapore Math curriculum that has propelled Singapore students to international success. It follows the pedagogical framework developed by the Singapore Ministry of Education.

Junior Great Books

This reading enrichment program brings high-quality literature and student-centered discussion to our classrooms while providing a superb framework for practicing reading comprehension, critical thinking, and
writing. Stories are grouped by key ageappropriate social and emotional themes.