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The Parents Association of P.S. 35Q is dedicated to enhancing our children's lives at The Nathaniel Woodhull School in hopes of inspiring them to reach their full potential. The children are and will always be our focus and our inspiration. Please find the time to attend one of our meetings and be an advocate for your (and all) children.

The Parent Teacher Association (PA) plays an essential role in our school. We provide leadership and direction to parents seeking to become more involved with their children’s education and school community. The PTA is a good place for parents to find out what’s happening at school. Through involvement in your PTA, parents can learn how their school operates and discover a network of people committed to their children’s school. The PTA is also a place where parents can voice questions and concerns regarding their children’s school experience.

Each PTA develops its own bylaws, elects officers, and holds regular meetings.

Under State Education Law, Section 2590, every New York City public school is required to form a Parent Association. All PA/PTA bylaws must comply with the current Chancellor’s Regulation A-660.

The PTA also provides an important link between individual schools and the District Presidents Councils. These Councils handle issues affecting all schools in a District. They offer parents an additional opportunity to share ideas and information about schools, communities, and parenting.


How can I become a PTA member?

As a parent, legally appointed guardian or a person with a parental relationship to a student who currently attends P.S.35, you are automatically a PTA member. No membership form or process is necessary.

All members are eligible to join PTA committees and run for office. PTA elections are held in the spring.

How can I participate in the PTA?

You are the PTA, and we need your participation. All parents are encouraged to attend PTA meetings. There are many committees and activities that depend on parental involvement to be successful. Please review this website for further details.

The greater your participation, the better our school can be!

When and where are PTA meetings held?

Meetings are usually held on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 6:00 pm. A meeting agenda is sent home with the children a week before the meeting. It will also be available on this website and announced via the School Messenger.

What if our family is new to the school and has never been involved in a PA before?

We all began in the same position. We welcome and encourage all families to participate in any capacity. It’s a fantastic way to get to know other parents and children, and a great way familiarize your family with the school.

PTA Members

Samantha Sweeting, President

Narisha Mohammed, Vice President

Marie Astudillo, Secretary

Teresa   Ocana, Treasury


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