• P.S. 35 is a Uniform School!

    Girls are expected to wear a blue jumper, skirt, or pants and dark shoes. White, yellow, or light blue blouse. Blue cardigan during the colder months.

    Boys are expected to wear blue pants and dark shoes. White, yellow, or light blue shirt with blue tie. Blue cardigan or blazer during the colder months.

    Parents of Pre-k and kindergarten parents should provide their child's teacher with an extra set of clothes in case of an accident.

    Please click the attached letter for more details. 

    PS35Q Nathaniel Woodhull School

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Upcoming Events

  • Teachers can begin setting up classrooms

    PS35Q Nathaniel Woodhull School
  • Administrators report back to school

    PS35Q Nathaniel Woodhull School
  • Labor Day - SCHOOL CLOSED

    PS35Q Nathaniel Woodhull School
  • Teacher Training + Class Setup

    PS35Q Nathaniel Woodhull School
  • Teacher Training + Class Setup

    PS35Q Nathaniel Woodhull School
  • K Parent Orientation @ noon

    PS35Q Nathaniel Woodhull School
  • First Day of School

    Assemble in Schoolyard by 8am

    PS35Q Nathaniel Woodhull School
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Principal's Message


Dear Parents/Guardians:

Thank you for visiting our school website.  Thank you for choosing P.S. 35!

As we prepare for the new school year, we are filled with renewed optimism and energy on the success our children will achieve.

We give thanks for all of the incredible people in our school community who support our students' learning, notably our Assistant Principals, Teachers, Service Providers, Assistant Teachers, School Assistants, Directors, PTA officers, Parent Volunteers, School Nurse, Safety Agents, Custodial and Kitchen staff.  Together, we are all determined to create and maintain a safe and joyful learning environment allowing your child to excel each day in reading, writing, math, listening, speaking and working as a team.

Please join me and staff members in our schoolyard with your child(ren) on Thursday, September 7th before 8am as we launch our 2017-18 initiative.  That day the parents of our Pre-K Students are invited to remain with their children until they dismiss at 10am.  Meanwhile, in kindergarten, our students will dismiss by 11:20am followed by a Kindergarten Parent Orientation at noon in our first floor Multi-Purpose Room. 

Already we have scheduled "Back-to-School Night" on Wednesday, September 13th 4:30-7:30pm where you will have the opportunity to meet your child's teacher, fully understand the learning targets on the grade for the year, become familiar with the curriculum, establish the best means of communication, and chart out a path together with the teachers to ensure your child's success.

On Saturday, September 16th we invite our 5th graders to take part in a Car Wash Fundraiser on 192nd Street 10am-noon. On September 20th at 6pm we will hold our first Parent-Teacher Association Meeting

We strive to celebrate and honor our students in various ways, particularly through our Writers-of-the-Month, Students-of-the-Month, those with Perfect Attendance, Positive Calls home, our Positive Behavior Intervention  and Support program, even through monthly birthday events.

I encourage you to make an appointment with your child's teacher during Parent Engagement Time on any Tuesday 2:20-3:00pm to raise any questions or concerns. Please attend an upcoming monthly PTA meeting.

Assistant Principals Andrea M. Belcher and Ryoji Mizutani, Parent Coordinator Pearline Loyd, the staff, the PTA Officers and I welcome your concerns and ideas on how to improve our school. This is your school. This is our school.  If you are able to volunteer to assist our school during lunch recess, at breakfast or at dismissal, please reach out to Parent Coordinator Loyd.  It takes a village!   Every person matters!

Again, thank you for your ongoing support and for choosing P.S. 35!      


Mark Dempsey, Principal