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Happy 1st Remote Learning Day! (Ms. Hyland's Class)

Remote Learning Updates

- Parent Letter for Remote Learning (March 19, 2020)

 Parent Letter for Remote Learning March 19 2020.pdf 


- NYC Schools Account  (Please email our parent coordinator, Ms. Banks, at LBanks4@schools.nyc.gov if you cannot access.)



- Technology support for families



- Parents Guide to Google Classroom (Parents Guide to Google Classroom - PS35Q.pdf)

Classroom Teachers

Class Teacher Email
PK-129 Ms. Menoscal smenoscal@schools.nyc.gov
PK-130 Ms. Hoo-Chong shoochong3@schools.nyc.gov
K-119 Ms. Delgaudio MDelgaudio2@schools.nyc.gov
K-127 Ms. Ramos aramos20@schools.nyc.gov
K-131 Ms. Miller SMILLER15@schools.nyc.gov
K-131 Ms. Tubilleja mtubilleja@schools.nyc.gov
K-229 Ms. Grilli egrilli@schools.nyc.gov
K-231 Ms. Mincy-Vieira gmincyvieira@schools.nyc.gov
1/2-315 Ms. Maragh SMaragh2@schools.nyc.gov
1-318 Ms. Dosil cdosil@schools.nyc.gov
1-319 Ms. Glancy jglancy@schools.nyc.gov
1-325 Ms. Hymowitz bhymowi@schools.nyc.gov
1-325 Ms. Martin JMartin35@schools.nyc.gov
1-326 Ms. Buitrago LBuitrago2@schools.nyc.gov
2/3-242 Ms. Schneider ESchneider9@schools.nyc.gov
2-312 Ms. Tamburri atambur@schools.nyc.gov
2-313 Ms. Atlas-Miljoner SAtlas@schools.nyc.gov
2-313 Ms. Reilly SReilly3@schools.nyc.gov
2-314 Ms. Hyland mhyland2@schools.nyc.gov
3-236 Ms. Moy jmoy6@schools.nyc.gov
3-237 Ms. Brown HBrown21@schools.nyc.gov
3-237 Ms. Eckert AEckert@schools.nyc.gov
3-238 Ms. Lewis tlewis16@schools.nyc.gov
3-239 Ms. Tolmie ltolmie@schools.nyc.gov
4-322 Mr. Ashwood MAshwood@schools.nyc.gov
4-412 Ms. Nayyer MNayyer@schools.nyc.gov
4-412 Ms. Pesahovitz APesahovitz2@schools.nyc.gov
4-413 Ms. Gordon NGordon4@schools.nyc.gov
4-414 Ms. Valte lvalte@schools.nyc.gov
4-415 Ms. Rodriguez-Kong srodriguezkong@schools.nyc.gov
5-327 Ms. Ramnarine rramnarine@schools.nyc.gov
5-329 Ms. Holt RHolt3@schools.nyc.gov
5-329 Ms. Rush JRush2@schools.nyc.gov
5-330 Mr. Solomon asolomon7@schools.nyc.gov
5-331 Ms. Tatum TTatum@schools.nyc.gov

Clusters, Paraprofessionals and School-based Staff

Subject Teacher Email
Arts Ms. Huggler SHuggler@schools.nyc.gov
Civics Mr. Licata jlicata3@schools.nyc.gov
ENL Ms. Dabee rdabee@schools.nyc.gov
ENL Ms. Khan fkhan3@schools.nyc.gov
IEP Ms. Pinckney DPinckney2@schools.nyc.gov
P.E. Mr. Rodriguez JRodrig30@schools.nyc.gov
P.E. Ms. Germani CGermani@schools.nyc.gov
Science Mr. Ruiz PRuiz2@schools.nyc.gov
Technology Ms. Longardino klongar@schools.nyc.gov
ENL Ms. Khan FKhan3@schools.nyc.gov
ENL Ms. Dabee RDabee@schools.nyc.gov
IEP Ms. Pinckney DPinckney2@schools.nyc.gov
Speech Ms. Khalid NKhalid2@schools.nyc.gov
Speech Ms. Slomnicki ESlomnicki@schools.nyc.gov
Class Paraprofessional Email
PK-129 Ms. Johnson CJohnson42@schools.nyc.gov
PK-130 Ms. Walker JWalker29@schools.nyc.gov
K-119 Ms. Polanco RPolanco9@schools.nyc.gov
K-119 Ms. Sultana MSultana5@schools.nyc.gov
1/2-315 Ms. Begum FBegum3@schools.nyc.gov
1/2-315 Ms. Dhall MDhall@schools.nyc.gov
1-325 Ms. Tinoco MTinoco@schools.nyc.gov
2/3-242 Ms. Mathelier CMathelier@schools.nyc.gov
4-322 Ms. Hailey HHailey@schools.nyc.gov
5-331 Ms. Chalen MChalen2@schools.nyc.gov
5-331 Ms. Nunez ENunez18@schools.nyc.gov
  School-based Staff Email
Parent Coordinator Ms. Banks LBanks4@schools.nyc.gov
Guidance Ms. Glemaud KGlemaudAugustin@schools.nyc.gov
Guidance Ms. Dey-Foy KDeyFoy@schools.nyc.gov
Psychologist Ms. Joute JJoute@schools.nyc.gov
Social Worker Mr. Jean-Francois RJeanfrancois@schools.nyc.gov
Family Worker Ms. Jones AJones75@schools.nyc.gov

School Core Value - PBIS

We are looking forward to another exciting and successful year as a Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports school. PBIS is a school-wide framework that fosters positive behaviors in our students.  At P.S. 35, we have adopted “The 3 B’s,” to outline the positive behaviors that will support a positive and safe learning environment. 

3 B’s of P.S.35

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Safe

Students will continue to learn more about PBIS through classroom lessons, modeling, and practice.  In addition, “3 B’s,” posters are placed around the building to remind students of the expectations in the classroom, hallway, bathroom, and cafeteria.  Students will receive points as a reward for being respectful, responsible, and safe.  Students may use their points to purchase a variety of fun and exciting items at the PBIS store.

Together, we can make a difference!

PS 35 Loves Sanford Harmony!


Sanford Harmony is the fastest growing Pre-K-6 grade social emotional learning (SEL) program in the nation, impacting more than 8 million children through more than 18,000 schools and sites nationwide. Sanford Harmony promotes positive peer relations among students through lessons and activities that encourage communication, collaboration, and mutual respect, helping boys and girls learn how to build healthy relationships beginning at childhood. (https://www.sanfordharmony.org/)

 Unit 1: Diversity & Inclusion

Unit 2: Empathy & Critical Thinking

Unit 3: Communication

Unit 4: Problem Solving

Unit 5: Peer Relationship

PS35Q Respects for All!


In all NYC public schools, we always have the opportunity to highlight and build upon ongoing diversity programs and curriculum-based instruction. Schools also have the opportunity to embark upon new initiatives that promote respect for diversity and engage students in meaningful lessons and/or other activities that focus on preventing bias-based harassment, intimidation and/or bullying.

Please click here for more details. 

Let's Celebrate Our Award-Winning Artists!

P.S. 35 is a Uniform School!

Girls are expected to wear a blue jumper, skirt, or pants and dark shoes. White, yellow, or light blue blouse. Blue cardigan during the colder months.

Boys are expected to wear blue pants and dark shoes. White, yellow, or light blue shirt with blue tie. Blue cardigan or blazer during the colder months.

Parents of Pre-k and kindergarten parents should provide their child's teacher with an extra set of clothes in case of an accident.

Daily Schedule


Main Door Opens 


Breakfast is Served


Instructional Time Begins


Lunch for Grades Kindergarten and 5


Lunch for Grades 1 and 3


Lunch for Grades 2 and 4



Upcoming Events

  • Passover begins

    PS35Q Nathaniel Woodhull School
  • Spring Break ~ School Closed

    PS35Q Nathaniel Woodhull School
  • Good Friday

    PS35Q Nathaniel Woodhull School
  • Easter Sunday

    PS35Q Nathaniel Woodhull School
  • Passover ends

    PS35Q Nathaniel Woodhull School
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